KetoFast Detox Essentials Kit

KetoFast Detox Essentials Kit

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When you fast or diet, your body begins to burn fat stores, allowing fat-soluble toxins and chemicals that have been safely tucked away to be released.

These mobilized toxins transfer to your blood and other tissues and organs. When this happens, these toxic substances can adversely affect your metabolism and contribute to the side effects many experience from water fasting and following a keto diet, like headaches, brain fog and nausea.

By taking a gentle and gradual approach to fasting like KetoFasting, you can help avoid the dumping of toxins from your blood into your tissues and organs.

The long-term primary benefits you gain are strongly influenced by the food you eat when you’re not fasting. Consuming the right types and amounts of food can actually determine how effectively your body can detox itself.

To ensure your body’s cleansing filters and elimination channels are working properly, you must support your kidneys, liver and GI tract.

The right supplements can aid your body’s normal detoxification process and help minimize damaging effects from released toxins:

  • Fermented Chlorella – Highly bioavailable binder that’s essential for attaching to and removing released toxins and metals*
  • Methyl Folate – Includes preferred form of 5-MTHF to support your body’s ability to cleanse itself, and at the same time, help protect your cells’ genetic material.*
  • MSM Sulfur Complex – Contains a powerful antioxidant to help support your liver, the detoxification of heavy metals, especially mercury, and the reproduction of normal, healthy cells.*
  • NAC with Milk Thistle – Contains three key ingredients to promote healthy liver function and your body’s normal detoxification processes.*
  • Zinc Plus Selenium – Utilizes zinc and the full-protein form of selenium, along with a small amount of the important micronutrient copper to aid help your body to detoxify cadmium, arsenic, mercury and more*
  • Vitamin B Complex – Contains the eight familiar, food-based B vitamins that help promote your body’s synthesis of glutathione and support your metabolic detoxification pathways*
  • MITOMIX® KETO Seed Blend – Designed to complement a ketogenic diet and KetoFasting, containing a specific balance of organic seeds and psyllium to provide plant omega-3 fats, lignans and fiber
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    • 07/12/2020
    • renee p. Verified Buyer
    • How with the bad

      I wish I knew about these products years ago when I was cleansing. They are good for helping to carry out toxins that are released during weight loss and cleansing

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