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Zinc plus Selenium

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  • Nov. 2023

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icons - Immune Support, Brain & Cognitive Function, Enhanced Bioavailability

Zinc deficiency is a widespread concern for people around the world – nearly 1 in 3 individuals may be deficient. Because the signs of a zinc deficiency mimic those of other common disorders, it’s often overlooked.

Even if you’re getting enough zinc in your diet, certain conditions can keep you from absorbing and utilizing this vital mineral. Stress, pregnancy, eating a vegetarian diet or one that’s high in grains, legumes, seeds and nuts, and simply being over 60 puts you at a higher risk of being deficient.

Zinc plays a critical role in immune function, healthy cell growth, and a healthy inflammatory response, so you want to make sure a zinc deficiency isn’t affecting your health.*

Selenium is another mineral that may be just as important as zinc for healthy cells and overall health support.* However, when it comes to supplements, not all selenium supplements are the same.

Studies show that a specific form of standardized selenium-enriched yeast is a more effective form. It is the full protein form of selenium compared with a single amino acid form like selenomethionine, which is more commonly found in selenium supplements and in multivitamins.

This bioavailable fermented yeast (contains no unhealthy active yeast!) is able to accumulate and incorporate selenium right into the protein structure. This helps to significantly reduce the biomarkers for oxidative stress in your body.*

Many parts of the U.S. as well as Europe, Australia, Russia, New Zealand and China have low soil levels of selenium, increasing your risk for deficiency.

Because supplementing with any type of zinc can reduce your copper, an important micronutrient, we’ve added a very small amount of copper to our Zinc Plus Selenium.

Your age, your diet, your current health status, your lifestyle, and even your zip code may be placing you at a greater risk for a zinc or selenium deficiency or both.

Don’t take chances. Order our bioavailable and balanced Zinc Plus Selenium today for your peace of mind for healthy cells, a healthy immune response, your cognitive health, as well as a healthy metabolism, bones, and vision.*

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  • Gluten Free
    • We guarantee this product to be free of gluten protein.
  • Soy Free
    • We avoid soy whenever possible because it is almost always genetically modified and can affect the hormonal system.
  • NSF Contents Certified
    • Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International for quality, purity and safety.
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  • 07/13/2022
  • Daniel B. Verified Buyer
  • Sunflower

    Very upset when seeing sunflower oil on the ingredient list. Why is this added in there?

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 05/23/2022
  • jessica z. Verified Buyer
  • Was this review helpful?
  • 02/15/2022
  • Dominique S. Verified Buyer
  • Perfect

    Love that this is a two in one product! Have had no issues whatsoever!!

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 12/24/2021
  • Diane W. Verified Buyer
  • Excellent combination!

    I live in a selenium deficient area and so getting it in with a little zinc and copper is excellent! Right amounts too. Perfect!

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 12/08/2021
  • Veronica Y. Verified Buyer
  • Great Product.

    I take this along with Dr Ms iodine. One of my must have supplements.

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 11/22/2021
  • Ashie M. Verified Buyer
  • Love it

    I love that you have combined Zinc and Selenium as we need selenium to absorb zinc! I would like it more if you remove citric acid. We have been taking Zinc supplement since a long time, and it works! Thank you Dr Mercola!

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 11/15/2021
  • Tawnya S. Verified Buyer
  • Zinc plus Selenium

    Thank you for such a great product with both zinc and selenium!

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 09/27/2021
  • Jennie M. Verified Buyer
  • Way Better!!!

    Works better than any other Organic Brand I've tired before.

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 08/16/2020
  • Priscilla E. Verified Buyer
  • Great

    Great product. Are kids allowed to take this too? Mine is 4 years old, wasn’t sure if it was ok for her to take it too?

  • Was this review helpful?
    • Customer Support

      We can only recommend adults 18+ to consume our products, unless "For Children" is on the label. We hope this information helps.

  • 06/19/2020
  • Connie H. Verified Buyer
  • Like this combo

    Glad to get the 2 in 1 tablet. Had to take them separate before.

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 03/01/2020
  • TL L. Verified Buyer
  • Not a Fair Way to Rate

    I don't think personal preferences should be a factor when rating a product. The rating is for quality, not whether or not someone just doesn't like a change. Lower stars make people think there is something wrong with it, which there is not. If the new combo is objectionable, that's fine, so find another -- don't unfairly downgrade an otherwise excellent product.

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 02/03/2020
  • Barbara E. Verified Buyer
  • LOVE the combo

    I love the combination of Zn/Se. I get 2 supplements in one which I love. I am sure your other reviewer is unaware of the types of selenium they put into ordinary multivitamins vs. selenium you use for your product. Please do not stop this combination, it is the best thing there is on the market!

  • Was this review helpful?
  • 01/22/2020
  • Katrina R. Verified Buyer
  • wish you would bring back the previous zinc complex supplement

    Hi, I was bummed to see that you've changed your zinc supplement to include selenium, as I already take the full dose of Mercola multivitamin daily with 200mg of selenium, and more than that would be too much. I really liked your zinc complex and just ran out of it recently, and in the week that followed, every single one of my fingernails cracked and broke. This made me realize I probably needed some extra zinc. However, I can't take the extra selenium, so that leaves me with the question of which form to take and where to get a good quality zinc supplement with trustworthy ingredients, etc.

  • Was this review helpful?
    • Customer Support

      We thank you for your review, and we greatly appreciate your feedback regarding our Zinc plus Selenium! We did add the Selenium in January 2018. This reformulation was due to Dr. Mercola's research which showed that Zinc paired better with Selenium and offered more benefits and better utilization. In regards to a good quality supplement that contains only Zinc, we unfortunately would be unable to recommend another company's product, as we are only trained on Mercola supplements. Therefore, we would be unfamiliar with the quality of another brand's Zinc. For any recommendations we would suggest speaking to your Primary Care Physician.